A New $5 Australian Coin Set for Release – Featuring a Heartfelt Tribute to the Late Queen

Australia is set to introduce a unique and limited-edition coin to commemorate the nation’s 20 World Heritage sites and pay tribute to the late Queen. This special coin, known as the “2023 $5 colored frosted uncirculated coin,” is scheduled for release on September 7. It serves as a cherished collector’s item, celebrating the rich heritage of Australia, both old and new.

Crafted by the Royal Australian Mint, only 30,000 of these stunning gold coins will be available, priced at $30, surpassing their face value. Interestingly, despite its collectible nature, this coin can also be used as legal tender if desired.

The coin’s design features a central motif with a handprint, fan palm frond, and fossil in vibrant colors, symbolizing the natural and cultural icons of Australia, including its Indigenous heritage. Surrounding this central image are depictions of the country’s World Heritage sites, such as the Sydney Opera House, Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, and the Great Barrier Reef.

On the reverse side, there is a heartfelt tribute to Queen Elizabeth II, skillfully designed by British engraver Jody Clark, adorning the entire surface of the coin.

It’s worth noting that Queen Elizabeth II still graces Australian currency, pending a decision by the country’s central bank on whether to replace her with King Charles III. Philip Lowe, the outgoing governor of the Reserve Bank of Australia, acknowledged in November that they were considering altering the design of the iconic $5 note following the Queen’s passing.

Lowe emphasized the significance of this decision, acknowledging the longstanding tradition of featuring the monarch on Australia’s banknotes, which dates back to 1923 when it first began, and continued until 1953. Recognizing the tradition and national importance of the matter, the bank has committed to engaging in extensive discussions over the next 18 months.

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