French Bob: The Timeless Hair Trend Everyone’s Talking About!

The Unfading Charm of Bob Haircuts

Bob haircuts are special because they’ve stayed popular for a very long time and changed along with fashion trends. In recent years, we’ve seen many types of bobs like the blunt bob, Italian bob, and bullet bob. But the French bob has something extra special.

Some time ago, famous people like Dua Lipa and Kaia Gerber tried out the blunt bob with a deep center part. It was really straight and the same length all around, shiny like glass, and sat just above the shoulders. Then, hairstylists started talking about the micro-bob, which was shorter and reached the cheekbones, often with heavy bangs. Last year, the Italian bob that touched the neck stole the spotlight. And earlier this year, the ‘cub cut’ became trendy, a mix of a shaggy wolf cut and a bob like Jenna Ortega’s.

But even with all these styles, the French bob remains a favorite. While other bobs became popular and faded away, the French bob stayed strong, with lots of people searching for it (look at the 1.5 billion views on TikTok!). Let’s find out more about how to rock the French bob.

Understanding the French Bob: Timeless Beauty

The French bob’s roots go back to the 1920s jazz era when many people sported little bobs. The French have always been known for their great style, and this beautiful hairstyle reflects that. Ryan Forsythe, who works at a famous hair salon, explains that a French bob is quite similar to a regular bob in terms of how it’s cut, but it’s not as layered. Instead, it looks more natural and effortless.

The length of a French bob is pretty short (only the micro-bob is shorter). It usually reaches the jawline or just below it. You can choose to have a fringe, which adds a special French touch, like the style Marco Bargione gave digital creator Francesca Polizzi.

Easy Styling for the French Bob

Some bobs need a lot of work to style, but the French bob is easy, especially if you like simple styling. Forsythe explains that the difference is that the French bob looks more natural when it’s styled. It’s meant to look a bit rough and not overly styled or straightened. This makes it great for people with curly or wavy hair too.

Forsythe suggests using a special hair mousse to make your French bob look its best. Apply it to your hair and blow-dry using your fingers. This mousse also makes your hair healthy and beautiful.

Picking the Right Look and Maintaining Your French Bob

The French bob suits many people, but it’s good to think about your face shape. Forsythe says you should talk to your stylist before deciding on the length and look you want. You might want a full blunt bang or a more choppy style. It’s also easy to maintain. Forsythe says it grows evenly and looks good even as it gets longer.

For the best results, choose a hairstylist who can cut your bob carefully and takes their time. If you want to keep the shorter length, Forsythe suggests getting a trim every six to eight weeks. This makes a big difference because the French bob looks so beautiful and relaxed.

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