Unlock the Secret to Gorgeous Hair After 50! Say Goodbye to Thinning Hair

The Alob haircut, also known as a longer bob, is a favorite hairstyle among celebrities. It’s both stylish and practical, especially for those over 50 who want to hide signs of hair thinning. We asked experts for three simple tricks to make lobs (long bobs) more flattering for mature individuals. These tricks include parting your hair to the side to add instant volume, incorporating curtain bangs to create movement, and opting for an asymmetrical cut at the ends for a modern touch.

Let’s delve into these smart tips, and also hear some suggestions and insights from two experts: Gina Rivera, a celebrity hair stylist and the Founder of Phenix Salon Suites, and Ghanima Abdullah, a hair expert and cosmetologist at The Right Hairstyles.

Hair Transformation Magic: Turn Thin Hair into Thick Luscious Locks

1. Boost Volume with a Deep Side Part

If you have fine hair with a center part and desire more volume, Abdullah suggests trying a deep side part reminiscent of the Old Hollywood era, similar to Rose Byrne’s style. Instead of the usual center part, switch to a side part that lets you move your hair around freely. This change not only adds volume but also conceals thinning in the crown area, which is a common concern among many women. Abdullah adds that this approach works well regardless of your hair texture – even wavy or curly hair will look graceful with a side-parted lob.

2. Conceal Thinning at the Crown with Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs can be a lifesaver if you’re facing hair loss at the crown or notice your part widening. Abdullah suggests incorporating curtain bangs into a layered lob to create the illusion of thicker hair. This style, as seen on January Jones, forms a gentle, natural-looking wave at the top of your head. Abdullah praises curtain bangs for their versatility – they can be worn short or long, and straight or curled. The key is to ensure the bangs are long enough to cover your eyebrows and frame your face and eyes.

3. Embrace Chic Movement with an Asymmetrical Cut

Gina Rivera explains that a textured asymmetrical lob or bob is an excellent choice for mature individuals. It effortlessly combines classic and modern elements, resulting in a trendy yet timeless appearance. This style involves trimming a bit of length from your hair to add movement and a youthful charm. Texturing the hair not only brings life to it but also eliminates damaged ends and weight. For those seeking to regain hair health, Rivera recommends trimming every 4-6 weeks and consulting your stylist for a maintenance schedule.

In conclusion, a lob has the advantage of adding body and volume, especially when you incorporate techniques like a deep side part, as demonstrated by Gal Gadot. This technique involves pushing more hair to one side of your head, which creates volume at the top and helps hide thinning hair on the crown.

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