From Nostalgia to Riches: The Most Expensive Bobbleheads You Won’t Believe Exist!

Bobbleheads hold sentimental value for many, but did you know some are worth thousands of dollars? Discover the rarity and nostalgia that drive up the prices of these exceptional collectibles.

While most bobbleheads are cherished for the memories they hold, there exists a realm of extraordinary rarity that can turn these quirky figurines into valuable auction items, fetching prices that would astonish any collector.

These exceptionally rare bobbleheads often hail from the distant past and boast impeccable conditions. If you spot any familiar faces among the following list, consider yourself lucky, for you might possess an item of significant worth.

Presenting a collection of the 30 most expensive bobbleheads ever to grace the auction block:

  1. 1964 Paul McCartney and George Harrison
    • Valuation: $2,555
    • The Dynamic Duo: Paul McCartney and George Harrison united in a tied spot. These 16-inch Beatles dolls, auctioned on eBay in April 2014, share not only the same fame but also the exact selling price.
  2. 1964 John Lennon
    • Valuation: $2,575
    • Stepping Ahead: In April 2014, this 16-inch Lennon bobblehead outpaced his fellow Beatles bandmates by an extra $20, showcasing his individual allure. Unfortunately, Ringo Starr didn’t manage to find a place on this prestigious list.
  3. Dick Tracy
    • Valuation: $2,664
    • Tracing Rarity: The elusive Tracy doll, a true gem among bobbleheads. Auctioned by John Brey of Nodder Exchange in June 2011, the bidding started at a modest $750 and skyrocketed to almost four times the initial price due to its near-mint quality.
  4. Chief Justice William Rehnquist
    • Valuation: $2,799
    • Judicial Elegance: A masterpiece featuring the distinguished Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, part of the 2002 Supreme Court series from the Green Bag Journal of Law. This exquisite creation found its new owner through an eBay sale in December 2013.
  5. Mike Rowe and Freddy
    • Valuation: $3,050
    • Unique Autographs: The former host of “Dirty Jobs,” Mike Rowe, added his signature to this exceptional doll, which also includes his canine companion, Freddy. With 33 recorded “Roweisms” voiced by Mike himself, this doll became a sought-after gem, selling on eBay in May 2015.

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