Summer Hot Shots: Fun in the Sun with Terann Hillow and More

This week’s Summer Hot Shots takes us to Texas, where Terann Hillow enjoyed the sunny weather in Austin. She wore a fancy bikini and relaxed by the pool.

Terann is not just about business; she also enjoys trying new things. She plays pickleball, tends to her garden, reads books, and even creates her own swimsuits. How cool is that!

That’s a wrap for this year’s Summer Hot Shots. We want to give a big shoutout to all the amazing people who added some excitement to TMZ this summer, like Eve Plourde, Emmett Preciado, Michal Idan, Christian Bendek, Glüme, Zac Clejan, Sapphire Howell, Sara Allaby, and Valentina Ferrer. See you next summer!

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