The Rarity of the 1913-S Barber Quarter 

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The Barber Quarter, struck from 1892 to 1916, is a classic collectible that has fascinated collectors for decades.

Building a complete set of Barber Quarters presents challenges, especially in higher grades. Rarity increases from F12 onward.

Absolute rarity in this series includes the 1913-S Barber Quarter, with only 40,000 minted, making it the lowest-mintage business strike.

Compared to other key dates, the 1913-S is rarer than the 1896-S. Collectors have saved these coins, with some in remarkable Mint State grades.

MS66 and MS67 examples are extraordinarily rare, with one PCGS MS68 grade specimen standing out in the series.

A die crack around the "3" in the date may have contributed to the 1913-S Barber Quarter's low mintage.

Collectors value the 1913-S for its rarity. Competition is fierce when these coins appear for sale, especially at auctions.

Prices for the 1913-S Barber Quarter range from $1,400 in G4 to over $50,000 for exceptional MS65 and higher specimens. The record price stands at $172,500.