Anti-Inflammatory Drinks to Improve Your Health 

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Combat chronic inflammation with these anti-inflammatory drinks. Discover their benefits and make healthier choices.

Beverages play a vital role in reducing inflammation. Learn how the right drinks can boost your health.

Green tea's EGCG fights inflammation. Avoid adding sugar for best results.

Green Tea

100% orange juice with Vitamin C reduces interleukin 6, an inflammation marker.

Orange Juice

Pomegranate's polyphenols lower inflammation and blood pressure.

Pomegranate Juice 

Watercress, spinach, or kale juices contain PEITC, an anti-inflammatory compound. 

Green Juice 

Beetroot juice eliminates oxidative stress.  

 Beetroot Juice 

Milk may have anti-inflammatory properties, per the Journal of the American College of Nutrition.