Are Your Eggs Still Good After Expiry?

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Discover the truth about eating eggs past their expiration date. Is it safe, or should you toss them out?

Learn the meaning behind the dates and codes on egg cartons, including pack date, sell-by date, and best before date.

Expert Jacob Tuell clarifies that these dates are about quality, not safety. Proper handling is key to safe consumption.

Store eggs at 40°F or below in the original carton within your fridge's coldest section. Follow USDA guidelines for optimal storage.

Don't leave eggs out of the fridge for more than two hours. Prevent bacterial growth by keeping them cold.

Learn how to identify older eggs by observing changes in appearance and do the float test to check freshness.

An off-odor or cracked shell indicates spoilage. Trust your senses; discard suspicious eggs.

Properly stored eggs are safe to eat beyond the expiration date, typically lasting three to five weeks in the fridge. When uncertain, prioritize safety.

Now you know the secrets of egg safety. Enjoy your eggs confidently, even if they're a bit past the date!