Best Boba Tea Shops in the United States 

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Boba tea, a Taiwanese delight, has captured the hearts of Americans. Let's explore the best boba tea shops in the United States.

Boba tea combines various bases like green tea, black tea, milk tea, and even slushies with chewy tapioca balls. A fat straw lets you savor every pearl with each sip.

Location: Little Rock, Arkansa Bobalicious stands out with traditional boba flavors like Taro and Thai milk tea. Try their unique milk tea slushies and tornados with double flavors. Don't miss Miss Pink, featuring strawberries in every form.


Location: Murray, Utah  Customize your boba at 7Buddha with options like Brown Sugar Milk Tea with Flan or the Original Black Tea with cream cheese, milk foam, and egg pudding. Craft your tea with various flavors, sweetness levels, and toppings. 

7Buddha Tea House & Desserts 

Location: South Burlington, Vermont Fresh Bubble Tea brings quality boba to Vermont, offering traditional flavors and more, including yogurt tea, chocolate, and coffee milk tea. Explore diverse toppings like coconut jelly, chia seeds, and aloe vera.

Fresh Bubble Tea & Juice

Location: Madison Heights, Michigan Tiger Sugar, a boba sensation since 2017, infuses unique tiger stripes into every drink. Their tapioca pearls are cooked to perfection for eight hours, ensuring a delightful texture. Enjoy lactose-free and dairy-free options.

Tiger Sugar

Boba tea has become an American favorite, with these shops leading the way. Sip your way through unique flavors and textures across the U.S.