Cardio vs. Weights: The Ultimate Dilemma

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Once upon a time, cardio and weights were enemies. Is it still true, or can they coexist?

Research shows combining cardio with lifting boosts stamina, training volume, and overall fitness.

Should you do cardio before or after weights? Let's find out.

Your fitness level, goals, and workout time matter in the cardio vs. weights debate.

For most, lift before cardio to prevent muscle fatigue and injury risks.

Lifting before cardio may affect aerobic performance, but it won't increase injury risk.

Warming up with light cardio and HIIT/circuit training can blend cardio and weights effectively.

High-intensity cardio combined with strength training offers the best of both worlds.

Cardio and weights can coexist in your workout routine. Prioritize based on your goals and listen to your body.