Coffee and Illness: What You Need to Know

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Learn about the effects of drinking coffee when you're sick with a cold or flu.

Hot drinks can provide relief, but coffee has its downsides during illness.

Caffeine in coffee can hinder your body's need for rest, essential for recovery.

Too much caffeine, whether from coffee or energy drinks, is generally not advisable.

For infrequent coffee drinkers, it can cause dehydration, so stick to water when unwell.

Vomiting or diarrhea due to sickness requires extra attention to hydration.

Coffee can upset your stomach and may not be suitable if you have gastrointestinal symptoms.

Moderate coffee consumption is generally fine if your illness is mild.

Consider alternative beverages like herbal teas, broth, or plain water for hydration.

Rest and hydration are key when you're sick to combat inflammation and promote recovery.