Commanders Set to Face Arizona Cardinals in Week 1 Clash 

White Frame Corner

The Washington Commanders kick off their season against the controversy-laden Arizona Cardinals. Explore the matchup and stats.

The Cardinals faced turmoil off the field with a tampering probe and allegations against the owner.

Coach Ron Rivera highlights the Cardinals' strengths, notably their rushing attack and playmakers on defense.

Arizona's starting QB remains undisclosed, with Josh Dobbs likely to take the reins.

Inpredictable predicts just 4.8 wins for the Cardinals, fueling tanking accusations.

Josh Dobbs, the potential starter, has only two NFL starts, raising questions about his ability.

Arizona's coordinators have limited game-calling experience, leaving Washington's coaches to delve into their backgrounds.

Arizona's defensive scheme remains uncertain, promising an element of surprise in the season opener.

The Washington Commanders enter Week 1 with an intriguing matchup against the Arizona Cardinals, poised to uncover the mysteries of their opponent's revamped team. Stay tuned for kickoff.