Florida Supreme Court to Decide Fate of Abortion Rights: What You Need to Know 

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Florida's abortion rights face a critical juncture as the state's Supreme Court tackles a contentious issue. Get the scoop here.

Florida's highest court to weigh in on whether the state constitution protects the right to abortion.

A more stringent six-week ban awaits implementation, depending on the court's ruling.

This case holds far-reaching consequences for abortion access, especially in the Southern states.

Florida has seen an increase in out-of-state residents seeking abortions due to neighboring states' strict laws.

Abortion becomes a key campaign issue, with Democrats focusing on it after the 2022 midterms.

The case hinges on whether the right to privacy in the state constitution extends to abortion. The outcome may reshape abortion rights in Florida and set a precedent.

With a conservative-leaning court, the future of abortion rights in Florida remains uncertain. The battle continues as both sides await the pivotal decision.