Florida's Educational Revolution

White Frame Corner

Florida's public universities are considering a new entrance exam that leans toward classical Western education, marking a shift towards conservatism in education.

The Classic Learning Test (CLT) may join the SAT and ACT as an accepted entrance exam for Florida's public universities.

Chancellor Ray Rodrigues notes that the CLT emphasizes classical education with a focus on reading, writing, and critical thinking skills.

Governor Ron DeSantis has a history of challenging the College Board, from banning new high school curricula to debating LGBTQ+ material.

DeSantis has supported efforts to limit teaching African American history and systemic racism, along with LGBTQ+ discussions in public schools.

The College Board criticizes the CLT, emphasizing that it prioritizes specific content over fundamental skills.

The CLT reflects a broader conservative trend seeking to preserve Western academic thought in education.

Jeremy Tate, CLT's developer, aims to balance Western philosophers with diverse voices like Frederick Douglass and Flannery O'Connor.