Robert Griffin III: A Surprise NFL Contact?"

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Former Pro Bowl quarterback and current ESPN analyst, Robert Griffin III, made headlines with an unexpected revelation about his NFL career. 

Griffin disclosed that an NFL team reached out to him in August, expressing interest in having him on their roster. Despite his media role, he still has the urge to return to the game. 

The team's identity remains a secret as Griffin chose not to reveal it. He currently enjoys his work in the media. 

However, NFL fans expressed skepticism, doubting that an NFL team would approach Griffin given his previous performance and time away from the field. 

Fans reacted with humor and disbelief, suggesting that it might have been a prank call or speculating about Griffin's potential role as a scout team or practice squad member. 

The question lingers: Who do you think reached out to Robert Griffin III in August? 

While the mystery of the NFL team's interest remains, Robert Griffin III's football future continues to be a topic of intrigue.