TATTOO KING - Unveiling Miley Cyrus' Brother, Trace

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Meet Trace Cyrus, a musician with a famous last name that's both a blessing and a burden.

Born as Neil Timothy Helson on Feb 24, 1989, in Ashland, Kentucky, Trace started his journey in the band Metro Station alongside Mason Musso in 2006.

Who is Trace Cyrus?

Metro Station had its highs and lows, but in 2014, they reunited. Since 2017, Trace has been pursuing a solo career, releasing his EP "Killing the Pain" in September 2021.

The Musical Journey:

Trace's musical talents run in the family. He's collaborated with half-sister Miley Cyrus and step-father Billy Ray Cyrus. 

With a net worth of $2 million (as per Celebrity Net Worth), Trace's talent has been recognized.

He's part of a big family, with five siblings, including half-sister Brandi Cyrus.

Trace expresses his love for his family and reflects on the impact of being part of a famous clan on his career.

Despite his talent, Trace opens up about the challenges he's faced due to his famous family name.

In the end, Trace cherishes family and remains determined to succeed on his own merit.