Why Are Your Nails Peeling? 

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Discover the reasons behind peeling nails and how to address the issue. Your nails could be signaling something deeper about your health.

Weak, brittle, or peeling nails might indicate underlying health concerns. Learn to decode what your nails are telling you.

Frequent wetting or drying of hands, especially for certain professions, can cause nails to peel. Avoid prolonged exposure to moisture.

Excessive buffing can lead to dry, brittle nails prone to splitting. Keep nails moisturized after buffing to prevent further damage.

Chemicals in products like gel nails or cleaning agents can dry out nails. Opt for hypoallergenic products to avoid excessive drying.

Small activities like biting nails can disrupt cell-to-cell adhesion, leading to peeling. Use gentle methods and nail strengtheners.

Low calcium, iron, vitamin D, or biotin can weaken keratin, causing peeling. Maintain a balanced diet or consider supplements.

Thyroid disorders slow skin and nail turnover, making nails brittle. Monitor thyroid levels if nails are peeling consistently.

Fungal infections like onychomycosis can lead to nail peeling. Consult a dermatologist for proper diagnosis and treatment.

Eczema can trigger peeling by affecting normal nail growth. Manage symptoms and keep hands hydrated to prevent nail irregularities.

Dead nail cell buildup can cause peeling. Use alpha hydroxy acids to promote exfoliation and rejuvenation.