Pilots' Secret: Long Sleeves on Flight

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When you board a flight, you're likely in comfy clothes. But, here's why you should consider covering your arms too.

UV rays from the sun can be stronger in the sky, potentially causing skin damage.

Many pilots wear long sleeves to shield themselves. Some even apply sunscreen to protect against freckles and sun-induced damage.

One pilot shares, "I wear sunscreen on my face and sometimes UV sleeves to limit sun exposure."

Dr. Sweta Rai from the British Association of Dermatologists confirms pilots are at risk due to prolonged exposure to bright light.

She advises passengers to follow suit: "On a flight, you're closer to the ozone layer, where sunrays are more harmful."

Remember, safeguard your skin on flights – wear long sleeves or sunscreen to enjoy a safe and sunburn-free journey.