Will Hammond’s Incredible Football Performance Earns Praise from Patrick Mahomes

Patrick Mahomes, who’s a big deal at Texas Tech, is like a hero there. He’s left a mark that makes future TTU quarterbacks want to be like him. Now, even though the Red Raiders haven’t found the next Mahomes yet, guess what? Mahomes himself is a fan of a guy who hopes to fill his shoes.

Mahomes wrote a message on a platform called X (it used to be Twitter) on a Saturday. He was super excited about what 2024 TTU recruit Will Hammond did on a Friday night. Will Hammond is a senior quarterback at Hutto High School in Hutto, Texas.

What did Hammond do that got Mahomes so hyped up? Well, he played like Mahomes! Hammond threw the football 36 out of 58 times, and get this, he gained 719 yards! That’s a lot! He even scored four touchdowns by throwing the ball. And if that wasn’t enough, he ran for 88 yards and got six more touchdowns by running. That’s an amazing performance, and even the NFL and Super Bowl MVP, Mahomes, was impressed.

Mahomes tweeted at Hammond, saying, “Go crazy then,” along with two laughing-so-hard-I’m-crying emojis.

Last year, as a junior, Hammond threw 30 touchdown passes and scored nine rushing touchdowns. Now, in his senior year, he’s looking even better.

We can’t be sure how well Hammond will do in college and beyond, but if he keeps having fantastic games like this, it might not be the last time Mahomes cheers him on.

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